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Bab 62 The End Of Misery And The End Of The Diary

"I'm sorry ma'am. We didn't see that our cart accidentally collided with yours. We'll just pick up the items that your cart dropped," Jirah said softly while picking up the fallen canned foods.

Terrence had already helped his sweetheart, who picked up the fallen ones that the stranger had chosen to put in the cart, and they put them in the empty basket. When they glanced at the covered-face woman again, it was gone. The suspicious customer they encountered disappeared quickly.

They didn't waste any more time. They acted immediately. They first left their selected grocery items and went to the CCTV monitor room. Jirah was in a hurry to enter the room as the businessman was stopped outside because someone suddenly called on his phone. When he pressed the answer button, someone suddenly pulled him back from his position.

"Terrence? Terrence? Where are you?" called by the actress once to find the man she no longer saw.

Terrence was totally lost in her eyes. And once, she had just neglected the man because of her eagerness to look at where the suspicious woman they had met had gone, she lost the moment she loved most. The thought of being positive that nothing bad had happened to Terrence and that maybe something had just happened didn't weaken her. Instead, she decided to go to the last area where the monitor showed her guess as Aaliyah's identity.

Jirah followed the woman wearing the green scarf from the area she saw until she came out. She did not confront the woman right away because she wanted to first confirm to herself that her suspicion was correct. However, the gestures, body shape, and voice of the woman speaking made her remember exactly the same as the former actress. So, even though she hadn't seen its face clearly, she called the police for back up.

The entire police force patrolled the entire mall. They couldn’t see what Jirah had described to them as the wear and color of the woman’s dress, their target. What made it even more difficult for the authorities was that the reporter herself, or the actress herself, could not be found in any corner of the building. What was really happening to them there?

Five minutes before the authorities raided, the couple met again. Instead of following the suspicious woman, Jirah lost her sight as her boyfriend suddenly appeared behind her.

"Jirah, let's go home," the man invited her in a low voice.

She lost her eyesight trying to follow the woman who she suspected was Aaliyah because she had already focused on her boyfriend. As they walked out of the mall, she couldn't help but ask her companion where and what happened to Terrence's sudden disappearance.

"I was just hiding somewhere, hoping someone would find me," the man replied.

"What?" The man just kept walking, while the woman noticed that his tone of voice was strange.

Jirah tried to disturb her boyfriend’s walk, but she always failed. That remained quiet until they got into the car. Jirah was very disappointed with her boyfriend's attitude towards her. The man was not like that in the way he treated her. So, she was very disappointed and also regretted that she had not made her wish to follow and catch Aaliyah instead of worrying about her boyfriend.

Since then, Terrence had always been quiet and didn't seem to want to talk to her. Supposedly, he was no longer alive in their relationship. Jirah wondered why the man's treatment of her changed so much, even though she didn't think of any shortcomings or sins she had committed with him. Even though they lived in the same condominium, the man seemed to be far away from her.

They no longer slept side by side, did not kiss each other before going to bed or upon waking up, and the course of their relationship was very sluggish. Jirah had been worried about her boyfriend's inaction for several days. So, she took some time to talk and asked her beloved a question.

"What is your problem?" she asked, once punching the book on the table where the man was sitting.

Maybe the man was shocked by the noise made by Jirah and stopped what he was doing. So, he could no longer keep quiet. He opened his mouth and began to continue the conversation.

"What the hell are you doing? Can't you see that I am in the focus of analyzing marketing plans here? My gosh!" The former actor sighed with uncontrollable emotions.

"I'm sorry. I just want to clear something with you about your unusual treatment of me these days. Are you tired of me, Terrence?""

Stop making a drama in front of me, Jirah. You can try to ask yourself that question. Maybe you can answer it correctly.Tsk," the man replied in a falling voice, then walked out, carrying his laptop, towards his room.

For some inexplicable reason, the actress just shed three clusters of tears. It's unclear whether she was offended by what the man said or simply numb to what the other person was trying to convey to her. She was not sure what she would do next so that they could get along and get their previous relationship back.
She wandered around the entire living room as she rummaged through things that caused her boyfriend to get cold. There she had the thought of simply attracting the man with kisses, as she had done in the past when they had a minor misunderstanding.

She went to the bathroom to wash and brush. Her whole body was awakened by the expensive perfume she always carried in her bag and entered their room. At the door, Terrence could smell the fragrance of a flower that was his favorite. From the flavor of his girlfriend's perfume, he already knew his womans' movements. He forced himself not to be tempted, but because his impulse and electricity still sparked in him, his hard heart returned to soft when his girlfriend hugged him.

"Love, I'm sorry if I did something wrong a few days ago. I want to be with you forever, so I won't let you live with me like that. So please, be with me again, please?" Their eyes stared as if talking to each other.

Terrence couldn't wait for the woman to kiss him. He preceded and grabbed her with a passionate kiss mixed with romance. They enjoyed each other's inner feelings even though they were still restrained from moving the middle part of their bodies. The two of them were so happy in that kind of way back into peaceful love. That way, they got along and talked as intensely as ever.
Aaliyah heard about the couple’s reunion. She didn't like that. So she thought of another way to destroy them for her own sake. She ordered her paid staff to rob Terrence's company coffers without anyone else knowing. Her men were experts in that crime, and it was so easy for them to do even if a building was full of guards. Aaliyah was determined to ruin Terrence's living business so that when the man's head become heavy with problems, the next person he might neglect was his girlfriend.

"Make sure your work is clean. I will punish you all if you fail," the former actress ordered her messengers.

"Yes ma'am, you can count on it," the armed men replied.

Aaliyah then ordered her men to leave her place and go on their mission. The woman only set a timer of two hours for the crime she ordered of them. So, she was positive that her plans would succeed. She just rested for a while and set an alarm for when she would wake up.

Even before her alarm clock rang, she suddenly woke up with an abrupt nervousness that she felt she could not explain. She looked at the time and realized it was twenty minutes ahead of her allotted time to receive a call from her commissioned men. She waited a few minutes, and at precisely the right time, she opened her phone, just in case a call was received.

She wondered why no one called her— not one of her staff. She waited a few more minutes until an hour and a half had passed, her call ringtone still not ringing.

"What's going on with them? I'll try to call them," she said, then she dialed the phone number of the leader of her messengers.

"Ms. Aaliyah, get out of your hiding place. We're surrounding you. It's the police." The former actress felt terrified and nervous about what she had heard. She had no idea that her expert staff in roberry crime would be apprehended by the police, and she was cornered in her own home at the time.

She was not able to escape because the law enforcement officers immediately entered her house and arrested her there. Since then, the lives of the couple, Terrence and Jirah, had been quiet, far from the evil intentions of other people.

Terrence was now focused on being the CEO of the company that his family and its branches all over the world had started. He made an expansion of their building and hired many employees to help them with their lives.

Jirah also became a writer and producer and occasionally accepted lead role offers when she was available. She became famous all over the world, and many fans were already enjoying her movies and ongoing stories. Her boyfriend, Terrence, also proposed to her, and she said "yes" to him as well. So, on the day of their wedding, the whole world celebrated their special occasion.

Nine months later, Jirah gave birth to Terrah, a baby boy who inherited the face from his father. The couple loved and cared for him deeply. When he reached the age of ten, he became naughty. He loved to rummage through his father's old things.

Until one day, while he was playing, he saw a strange book stuck in his dad’s old bag. He picked it up and opened it. He thought it was a storybook because it was well written, so he gave it to his grandmother, Terrence's mother, who was then living under the couple's control.

"Grandma, I'm sleepy. Take a look at this. It looks like you're going to read me a story. It's like daddy's great book," Terrah said while looking at the object she was holding.

Before giving the book to her grandma, he first read what was written on the back. It was Terrence Johnson's diary entitled, "Diary of a Billionaire's Son." The boy understood that it was his father's life experience. She wanted to know what it contained, so he let his grandmother read it to him.

"AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER FATHER WITH THEIR SON NAMED TERRAH," the grandmother said after reading the last quote written in the book.

When the old man glanced at her grandson after reading the story, the boy was asleep and his head was still leaning on her feet. The old woman just smiled as she looked at her grandson's clean face. Behind her seat, Terrah's parents were just watching them, happily listening to their story.

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