Queen and Prince of Ruins in Eternal Travel

Queen and Prince of Ruins in Eternal Travel


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  • Time traveler
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in a moment in time Tales from another part of the Multiverse part of 2/2 from Sequel from part 8ª Continued Descending in Eternal Desire Tales of Multiverse in Desir in where in a place of the multiverse, is tales from avatar from a Goddess Zariel, in the multiverse, with part her the idea, he invested in which was simply, start to conspire, discover secrets, one of them won and they they were all,Tsuky Miki, Thalys, now he Artemis, in this world your hands. At some point, the darkest knight wins realizing it wasn't as much fun as he thought, so he returns to a moment in time when everything changed. now he plays with the hidden beings of the multiverse, does he win the prize? traveling through the multiverse, going back in time, amidst creating conspiracies, preventing the future from happening. in one his plans include manipulative your enemies became a alies involving pleasures and mysteries, plots, wagers and conspiracies with demons, gods, mystical beings and aliens in multiverse

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    TalampasJuan Alberto

    nice story. i enjoyed it. good job author!


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    Alex Geo Gemarino

    i will be there in about a half hour and then we will be home in about an nimo dol og skin dol hehe I love u to get a ra kayu oiii me know when you're ready for raider kabalo ka onsay section nimo sa imong uyab pud tulo sir thank me po sa gx me po sa gc po sa gx to get the results on pag mod ana ka sa ukay te unya pako po ako sayo nag kaon naka diha puhon mam I love it so look like tulog na guro ni no thanks I get home I love 💕 me know what else we we mo chat I eat early enough even eat and I g


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    Melanie Vergara

    Amazing plot of a story . There's a lesson can we pick up


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    Ulysses Yoohan Fajardo Jr.

    it's good a story full of meaning


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    good book


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    Rannia Jane De Vera

    nice and beautiful


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    Rundam Ahmad Datu Pula

    super cool and so beautiful of this novelah app


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    nice story


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    so good