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Chapter 81 A New Love Interest

I was not expecting anyone to come for me. I know that what I did to them was hurtful and I do not d

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    De ramosJeferlyn

    so adorable novel .the characters in novel is very good ..the way i read it still in my mind ..


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    Arjhun Siray

    I love the story hahaha if i am alaila i will definitely to the same to her because i wonder if my friends get caught by me I could not forgive myself of being careless to my friends i already accept the pain i have right now and I hope there's more person there to save me but being good friend to alaila is good to have him because she is brave and strong independent woman i will cry alot if she caught and killed by bad people so i really love the story hahaha this is the best I've ever read hha


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    Ernest Ernest

    Jason stared at me so you haven’t spoken such a long sentence in a while, he tell he was happy , he want to take a walk around the pack house


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