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Chapter 57 Departure of Terrence

The day had come to return Terrence to New York. He happily said goodbye to his girlfriend before boarding the airplane.

"Take care of yourself here, love," Terrence said.

Jirah replied, "I will."

And the man kissed the forehead of his girlfriend. He was about to cry, until, fortunately, Jirah's phone rang. It was an emergency call that the woman received from the hospital nurse that her partner in the movie had an accident. So, she did not stay long at the airport. She informed her boyfriend of that news, and they finally said goodbye to each other.

Yue Lin, Jirah’s partner in the movie, was based solely in China. Orphaned with no parents, no relatives to go to, and no family to go home to. His achievements in life were all of his own effort. So, when Jirah found out about the Chinese actor's condition, she did not hesitate to sympathize with the man in the midst of grief.

That day, the nurse at the hospital called Jirah to say that the man had an accident. Because the actress knew that her boyfriend would understand her if she put her friend first, she no doubt went to the hospital to check on Yue's condition. If something as bad as what happened to Yue, her stay in the country will be extended again. One reason she didn’t want that to happen.

When the actress arrived at the ward itself, where the man was lying, it leaked her tears seeing the pity-faced man. The man's whole body was bandaged as if he was in critical condition. Jirah approached him and stood in front of the man. She stared at his whole face, full of scars.

Later, Yue's eyes opened and smiled at her, at the same time saying, "Thank you for visiting me here."

The actress smiled at him too, then touched the man's face once, gently, as well.

"You're welcome. Just rest first. When you're okay, then we'll talk about what happened to you. I'm just here. I'll watch over you," she said, simultaneously folding the patient's two eyes.

When the Chinese actor fell asleep, Jirah went to the doctor assigned there to ask about her friend's condition. Luckily, no vital organs were damaged or otherwise affected in that accident. The operation was successful, so recovery and healing were all that was needed for the patient to return to good condition.

The witness who had been with the man before the accident was also there. He told Jirah that during their trip, someone suddenly overtook their vehicle and shot them. They were not hit, but it had a strong impact on Yue. The man was rattled, terrified of being hit by a bullet, so the car ran fast. As Yue wanted to escape and get away from the car that harmed them, he didn't notice the road while driving.

And the car was hit by a tree. The impact was so intense that the damage to the outside body of the Chinese actor was severe. His personal bodyguard jumped on the young man's car before the tragedy happened. He added that he felt guilty for what he did because he did not save his boss, but he only saved himself.

"You don't have to worry, Mr. Bodyguard; your boss doesn't know how to get angry. But instead, he will be happy because you managed to avoid the accident. It just happened. Let's just pray for his healing," Jirah said.

While Jirah was taking care of Yue, Terrence was traveling for over eight hours. He arrived in his homeland and went straight to the JCI network to formally say goodbye and leave to organize their company. The billionaire's son was so determined to help his father's business and raise it as best he could.

The first place he went to was his manager’s office. That must have bothered him because for a few days he was out of the network, he didn’t even contact the person who brought him. At that point, Terrence suspected that the man who had been the cause of his rise might have stopped him.

Then he knocked on the door. No one opened for him at the first knock. He followed that with many more knocks until the man finally opened him. Seeing him with that, his expression was immediately shocking.

"Oh, it's good that you still remember me, my man. Come in first," Terrence's manager said.

They went inside first, before discussing things. There was also a man sitting in front of them. He was handsome, muscular, and looked like a model for a skin care product. The stranger's face was unfamiliar to the actor, so he asked him.

"Are you a new recruit for my boss?"

"Ah, yes. I've been training for about a week," he replied.

Terrence had doubts in his smile at the man, thinking that the stranger might be what his manager would be trying to replace him with. They did not discuss the new actor. As per their agreement, he paid his manager double if he was the only one to handle as an artist. However, he was surprised to see a newcomer whose manager had not mentioned.

His manager noticed a sudden drop in his energy, as if he had suddenly become depressed. His boss anticipated that it was all because of the new face they had in the office. So, when Terrence signaled to him to go out for a private talk, the manager said, "Let him hear the words you wanted to say, Terrence. We've been going through this for about eight years, and so I already know what your issue is for me now."

"All right, Yes, I'm sorry if I didn't say goodbye to you in just a short period of time, but that's not a reason for you to replace me or hire a new artist."

Terrence's words to his manager were harsh. It's not that painful, but it really touched someone's feelings. However, instead of being depressed, he just smiled at what he was talking about, shrugged his shoulders, and whispered, "Enough. I know you have a lot of problems now. I'm just bored, so I got another pet first, but you're still my number one."

When the actor heard those sentences, he was revived with the hope of continuing his career. However, before returning to his failed projects, he said goodbye for another leave due to a problem with his family's business.His manager understood him immediately and even helped him file for leave formally, including his verbal apology for his sudden flight to China without a proper dismissal.

After his filing of leave, he first went to his office to pick up the leftovers that were important to him, such as his diary, which he had not written for several days. He decided to sit down first before going home, take a nap, and then wake up when his phone alarm went off. He remembered that it had been ten hours since his girlfriend had last contacted him.

He doubted it. Maybe Jirah was just busy with something else after visiting her Chinese friend. He was about to put down his phone and go back to taking a nap, but a few seconds later, his gadget vibrated again. It was a new update from his weibo account about Yue Lin and Jirah at the hospital. A sweet photo of the two being gossiped about by their fans.

He felt jealous and offended on his side as the girl's boyfriend. He couldn't leave a comment on the post because he didn't want to ruin the popularity of the two actors. So, he worked out his jealousy through boxing. A sport that he sometimes played as a pastime when he was stressed and problematic. He stood up and quickly went to the network gymnasium.

"Long time, no see, boss Terrence," his coach greeted him.

He didn't just say a word and went straight to the dressing room to change his clothes.

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