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Chapter#27: His Rosemary
[Clyde's P.O.V.]
We are now in the Traditional market of Jeju, since this is the suggestion of Jacob's sister. It's a covered dry and wet market so it's a bit hot here despite the smell. There are also sikdang (small restaurants) inside the market. Maybe that is where tourists often cook what they bought here. It's also tiring to go around in such a large market place.
“Let's buy raw shrimp there. It's delicious because it's fresh,” said Haesoo then grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over there.
It's hard to stop her because I carry a lot of plastic bags and eco bags. Since we arrived here about 5seconds ago, she has already bought a lot of side dishes. Various fermented cabbage, kimchi, marinated small baby crabs, san-nakji (octopus), radish, seasoned spinach, etc. My arm was already sore and she made me look like a hanger of eco bags and plastics. I don't think she can eat all this when she comes to Seoul. Now I think that it was really a mistake that I agreed to go with her and agreed to let her come with me out of the hospital. We're not even sure if we can get these foods inside the hospital.
“Just buy one of those,” I said in a blank tone.
My eyes widened when she turned around and looked at me with furious eyes.
“S-sorry. I did not mean. All right, just go shopping there,” I said, stuttering and then smiled at him very hard.
She buys seafood. Raw fish, bangeo (Japanese Amberjack) and spicy seafood. I just nodded at the saleswoman while looking at what I was carrying.
It seems that it was also a wrong move that I did that, because she added what Noona bought. I guess she thought I was being cute for some freebie!
“Ahjumma, don't you see that my arms are getting heavier and heavier and are about to be cut off by these bags?” I said internally screaming. But I smiled at her instead of telling her that.
“Your brother is such a cutie. He's also very obedient to his older sister,” the saleswoman said, so Haesoo laughed and tiptoed to fondle my head.
“Brother, what are you doing now?” HaeSoo said smiling but you can tell that she's annoyed with the old woman because she's been blabbering on before.
I smiled as my other eyelid twitches in response to Haesoo's question.
“You have no right to complain. You need to accompany me since you're the reason why my brother is laying on that hospital bed,” HaeSoo said, frowning at me then walking away to another stall.
[Minhyun's P.O.V.]
I narrowed my two eyes at the glare of the strong white light where I was. When has there been a strong white light in my room? I'm always using the lampshade that has a yellow dim light so why white light?
I open my eyes slowly because the light is so dazzling. I closed my eyes a few more times when I saw a beautiful woman's face.
Oh, maybe I have not been in my room since yesterday. It seems that I had a one night stand last evening.
“Are you okay now? What do you feel?” said the woman and helped me to sit on the bed.
I can't take my eyes off her beautiful face. The pinkish and the healthy looking of her luscious lips. Her eyes were full of concern. Those eyes are like a deep clear water that can see through my soul. Her hair was as black as a dark night sky.
I couldn't help but feel her soft skin on her cheeks using the back of my long fingers.
“You look like mom…” I said softly while still looking at her. I'm moving slowly closer to her and was about to give her a kiss when she suddenly blocked her right hand to my face. Really like boobs being cupped by an old nasty man, she did it to my face.
“Why did you do that?!” annoyed I said.
She pucker her lips, sat up and looked at me.
“I'm Eunbo Kim, HaeSoo's best friend. Are you feeling okay? And what do you say I look like your mom?” she asked and smiled awkwardly as she held out her hand in front of me.
“Ahh! So you're the best friend of my sister? I'm sorry, I had a one night stand with you without knowing that you're my sister's best friend. I'm really sorry Noona. I hope I can compensate for what I've done. I'll treat you some other time. Let's drink soju,” I said while holding her hand and gesturing to take a shot of soju.
she said and pushed my hand away from her.
Her push got a little stronger so my chest hurt. “Aw, it hurts. So we had a one night stand last night, sunbae? (refers to people with more experience)” I repeated while massaging my chest.
“I’m sorry, my push must have been forceful but that was your fault why I pushed you. You talk so much nonsense. You didn't have a one night stand with me and that won't happen because you're in the hospital now,” she said and shyly slid the hair that had fallen behind her ear. Earlier I noticed that she had that mannerism.
“Huh?” I said as I rolled my eyes. She was right that I'm in the hospital right now. But how?
“Why did I go to the hospital? Did I have too much sex last night?” I asked nervously.
“Hey, what are you! I'm a woman in front of you and all about sex comes out of your mouth. Are you shameless?” she said and flicked me on the forehead.
“You, why have you kept on hurting me since earlier? I'm asking because I don't know what happened to me,” I said and smiled at her.
I sniffed around because I smelled something sweet and sour. “What is that? Do you smell it?” I ask her.
She smiled suddenly then lifted the plastic of the tangerine that looked like she had been peeling a while ago. “I think this is what you are smelling. I've been peeling it since earlier so you can eat it later when you wake up but since you're now awake you can already eat them up. I bought it a while ago when a nurse came by. Your sister said to take care of you while they were away with your other brother,” she said then gestured for me to gape because she was going to feed me.
I smiled secretly because it was a good thing and it was the guardian's responsibility to take care of the patient. She is really beautiful even if she has a simple dress, fashion and look. No make ups or whatsoever, just a barefaced beauty.
“Sunbae, you look like mama,” I said while chewing the tangerine she was feeding me.
“You've been saying that since earlier. Do I really look like your Mom?” she asked and eat the tangerine as well.
“I'm so sure of it, you really look like that. You look like the mother of my future children,” I said and laughed out loud because she suddenly choked, so I reached for the water I drank earlier.
“You know? You're pissing me off since earlier. You look like a fool with jokes that aren't funny,” she said and punched me on my arms.
“I'm just making you laugh. Your sadness is as visible as the beauty you have in your face. Eunbo Kim-sunbaenim right? I'm Minhyun. Minhyun Seo, hoping to have his own rosemary,” I said and smiled sweetly at her as I held out my hand.
“I can't get the rosemary joke. But anyways, nice to meet you Minhyun,” she said and showered me with three tangerines at the same time then she smiled foolishly.
“You're such a violent person, sunbae. That's the last tangerine I'm gonna eat before I'll go to sleep again. I feel drowsy when I see you,” I said and yawned.
I even saw her smile again before returning to her seat. I looked at the clock on my left. It's already 18:00 and wait—it is also a special day today. July 28. I saw my own rosemary on this special day at exactly 6PM.

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