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CHAPTER#26: Fear of Losing You
[Clyde Lee's P.O.V.]


Troubled with me, my teammate hurriedly got Jacob outside and we laid him on the long table. The rest of my teammates helped to remove the contents of the table and wiped it out to secure Jacob. One of us even took a pillow because my companion said that Jacob needed to elevate his head and feet.
If you think, it was like deja vu is happening now. Jacob looks like a sleeping snow white that has dwarves around him and I am his only prince. But no, there's no time for that freaking joke. Why did I think that in the middle of all this emergency we are all experiencing?
“What happened? Is Jacob still breathing?” asked by one of our teammates, who was quite skinny and small.
“What did you just do, Clyde? Did you try to kill Jacob?” Mar Eun groaned.
“Can you be quiet? Why would I do that to my boyfriend? What makes me crazy like you?” I angrily insisted to him.
“Stop that. You've also been fighting in the Jacuzzi earlier,” our Coach groaned and gave us a disappointed look.
“You think I don't know what happened to you all in the Jacuzzi area? Man up! Not in simple things you should be all fighting,” Coach said irritably.
Mar Eun and I kept quiet but I stared at her with disgust because she deserves other people's anger.
“I already called an ambulance. And as soon as it got here, we should go back to Seoul. We can't just be here in Jeju while Jacob is in that state. The help will come soon,” he said and massaged Jacob's palm so that the blood would circulate properly because the child's body was too tense, he said.
“Boy, what happened and why did he do that?” Coach asked me after he picked me up at the end and pretty much no one could hear what we were talking about.
“Coach... because what... I also don't know why he's like that Coach,” I said while my head was bowing down while playing with the ring I was wearing.
“There could be no reason why that happened, kid. I've been observing that Seo for a long time. Since then—do you remember when you first confessed your feelings to him in the middle of the soccer field? It started that time because he didn't seem to know me when I greeted him after that time. You know how close I am to your boyfriend, don't you? He was already like my own child, but at that time he passed by me like a stranger. I just find it really weird because even if we say he is in a bad mood at those times, he will still turn to someone he really knows and greet them properly. According to the Jacob we know, but the one I met was not really him,” Coach said worriedly as he played with his glass of coke.
I just quietly remember that time. Coach is right... Jacob was so different at that time. After he hugged me, he suddenly stood up and seemed suddenly angry, he even slapped me on the face. I was really slapped which was very surprising. He's not Bipolar or anything, but it's really confusing why lately; Jacob has always been troubled. And by his father’s decision to get him consulted with a psychiatrist—I didn't know what was really going on.
“Isn't Jacob your childhood friend,” Coach suddenly asked me while looking and drinking his coke.
“Yes, Coach. We're childhood friends,” I said and stopped playing with the ring I was wearing. I also stared at Coach for a long time because he seemed to be thinking something that I didn't know if he wanted to ask something important or what.
“Did something happen to Jacob when he was a child?—I mean like was he kidnapped? Did he have a head trauma? An accident?” Coach asked in succession.
I nodded to Coach. “Aigoo! Yes, Coach! They had an accident before. Car Accident. A big truck hit their mom's car and then she died,” I said and my face was sad because I remembered Tita. Tita, she is the closest to me in Jacob's family... She is my life saver whenever I worry about Jacob when we are kids.
“Omy, don’t tell me he was caught in a—oh fudge?” Coach asked as he was stunned and drank his coke.
“What, Coach?” I asked and I was really focused looking at Coach because the reason he was thinking seemed serious.
“Ahhh—nothing nothing. That's for me first—I can already hear the ambulance. Let's go,” coach said and suddenly he stood up and left me.
Extraordinary. Coach! What a cliff hangs. I just want to know what he thinks is wrong with my boyfriend.
It was also a few minutes before we arrived at the Hospital here in Jeju and I couldn't help but be amazed because I didn't think there were any beautiful places here either. I'm just a Seoul boy. I can't move around unless Jacob or his family takes care of me.
“Babe, you wake up there,” I said as I gently stroked Jacob's head.
He had been asleep before, but the doctor said he was fine. Maybe there was just a panic attack. But what happened to him before was so frightening, I really couldn't help but blame myself for why he had a panic attack.
I think it's really because of that I did this kiss kiss to him earlier. But why is that? Jacob and I have been kissing for a long time and we have almost had moments like that but why doesn't he do it? The ones that have been hanging the most lately, I'll admit. Maybe we will overdo it?
“LITTLE LEE! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BROTHER? HOW IS JACOB?” My soul almost came out when the door of Jacob's hospital room suddenly opened and Haesoo spat with tears on his face.
“I'm about to fly to Jeju just to get to Jacob! What have you done to my brother!” crying he said as he slapped me on the chest.
I do not know what to say. I just looked at Haesoo and patted him on the back. 'Sorry, Noona,' I said to HaeSoo and you presented him to Jacob.
“You go to him first, I just bought food,” I said and smiled hard. I just hurried out of Jacob's hospital room because I felt like I was in the hotseat when his sister was there.
We are close but not too close. I look like HaeSoo's sister, but right? How can I say that Jacob got pregnant because we were about to have sex? Diba !? It's hard to explain because it might suddenly drive me away from her brother.
“Hey, just come!” My eyes widened when HaeSoo suddenly pulled my dress by the collar so that I could slow down my walk.
Great! The strength of this woman, as if she were not a woman when she pulled. I almost machoke because of what he did. I think my clothes will be ruined because of him.
“I said just wait. Why are you in a hurry? Tell me what happened to my brother,” he said seriously and then blocked my way.
“Then, why did you leave Jacob there? He was not there. I said I'll just buy food, I'll be back,” I told him while scratching my head. I passed him but he still walked with me.
“Answer me first. I'll be with you as long as you don't tell me, go ahead,” he said while frowning.
Is Jacob's sister so ugly that they always argue?
I took a deep breath then turned to face Jacob's sister. “Before, I'll take you. Peeo who will be with Jacob in his room first? It might wake up and be alone,” I said and adjusted my clothes.
“Haven't you seen the person who was with me earlier? I asked her to watch him first. She insisted that she just wait outside the room but I told her to just wait for me inside,” he said and rummaged in her wallet.
I just nodded at him and continued walking out of the hospital.
“Let’s go to Jeju’s traditional market. I heard more cheap there and healthy goods. We are only here for one day and I will leave Jacob with you again. Maybe what... you can travel again when it's okay for Jacob to get out of the hospital,” said HaeSoo and called his phone to pick up a cab.


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    i love the story,, my feeling like a roller coster when read this story


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    muito bom o escrito que fez realmente é bom viu nota 10


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    i like the story


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