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CHAPTER#25: That Single Touch
[Jacob Seo's P.O.V.]

"Haah! Hah! I'm so tired babe. You're so annoying, you're tickling me," I commented as my back fell on the bed. I intentionally pulled him too, so he wouldn't be able to tickle again. We are both just lying in bed now and while panting.
He looks crazy, he knows that I'm a ticklish person him and then he still doesn't stop tickling me. I got tired of running away from him inside this room.
"You're tired right away?" he asked smiling and once again looked at my face with those seductive eyes.
Wait?—That looks made an impactful force. Gosh!
I gave him a look; with my manly eyes before I stammered, "Woah—B-babe!—I don't like what you have in mind right now—" he didn't let me finish speaking, even if my hands were already been blocking his face if he kissed me I suddenly.
"Why would I do that? Huh, you really still make such a face thinking that I'm going to tear you apart," he said and laughed at me. He leaned over and turned to face me and then grabbed me by the waist.
"You're such a cutie, babe. Look at you, you're so tense right now. Do you need something to relax the hell out of you?" he asked as he watched my expression in his touches.
Am I too tense? What am I thinking? I looked him in the eye and then closed my eyes for a moment, risking that I might lose my tension. But when I opened my eyes, the beating of my chest got worse because I saw how dreamy his eyes were while staring at me.
"Hey, you crazy babe. Stop staring at me like that. I'm thrilled. Just massage my hand. It hurts because of those writing activities," I said and cutely held out my hand to him.
"I told you, babe. Don’t get too tired of writing. We understood that you're an honor student but you don't need to overwork yourself. The reason why your hands always tremble, even when you're just handing over a thing is you usually wash your hands after you write. So don't be shocked that you always tremble and have wet palms" he said while gently rubbing my right hand.
I stared at Clyde as he massaged my hand. When I actually face this person I can't help but stare or be stunned by his appearance. How come, when he is in front of me it seems like there is always a blessing or an angel falling from heaven.
I smiled dreamily as I stared at Clyde's face. His forehead, even though it was wide and was always covered with bangs, it was still cute to look at and still fit him. Even his eyebrows that were thick matter to him. I never saw Clyde's mom but it's obvious that his eyebrows come from his mom's features. That nose was so cute—it has a nice shape and damn those lips. Not boring to kiss and stare at. I won't get tired of waking up every day if I can see such beautiful lips when I open my eyes.
I was thrown back on the bed when Clyde suddenly bit my index finger. He looked at me with his puffy eyes, but I became conscious because there's something in that stare. I would have even hated him for looking at me because I felt like my finger had hurt, but he quickly pushed me over to him.
Oh, shoot!
My eyes widened as I stared at him. My chest is throbbing a lot in this situation but I can't push him or he won't get off of me—I can also feel his chest throbbing ...
"Babe..." he said as if he was so weak and then he slowly reached for my face to kiss me.
I got lost in seconds, by the way, his lips moves. This is how I love Clyde—whenever he kisses me, he seems to give the world to me. It brings me to the thought of how beautiful the world is, despite being different from the others. Clyde did it all, he's helping me to conquer it all. I always loved being loved by him alone and the way he offers his deep love without making me drown in it. He never intoxicates me with the wrong feeling. It always feels like a miracle.
Clyde starts moving his hands down to my butt and starts giving it some gentle caresses and touches. He seems not to get enough of my lips that he kept on nibbling my ears then slowly getting back on nibbling my soft lips.
I felt my shaft throbbing because of the thing that Clyde was doing to my system. I could feel how warm his skin was even when we were in the room under the temperature of 18 °C.
Son of a devil why is it so hot here fuck. I can’t stop Clyde.
He kept on kissing me even though I struggled, I didn't want to gradually disappear from my trance. Fuck.
"Please... Babe..." he begged as he lowered his hand to my thighs.
I want to stop but fudge, those eyes are burning with desire! I couldn't help but kiss him back. I thought only his skin was the only one that was heated up but his mouth and saliva were even tastier and warmer. Stray cat.
He switched our position and supported my thighs while not interrupting our hot kiss.
"Haaah Clyde~ Nggg," I couldn't help but moan when he suddenly diverted the kiss and planted small kisses on my neck and shoulders.
"C-Clyde~ Nggg—I don't—" I didn't finish my speech because he suddenly put his two fingers inside my mouth and then played right nipple using his right hand. He was nibbling on my left nipple and I felt my shaft was starting to get harder so were my nipples.
I can't stop moaning because of how fantastic Clyde is doing to me but fuck this is wrong. Not yet possible for us to do right now. I tried to raise my hand to reach for his shoulders but I was so shocked when he grabbed my hands to hold his own manhood.
I was trembling as I stared at Clyde... Are you still Clyde? Why don't you stop when I'm stopping you? Clyde, please stop... Please...
He continues to let me hold his hardening manhood but my hand is like a withered vegetable that will not move until there is support.
I couldn’t help but turn my head and look in the other direction. At the same time as I closed my eyes, I stopped the tears from dripping.
"Don't tell others, otherwise I will kill your family,"
"Don't tell others, otherwise I will kill your family,"
"Don't tell others, otherwise I will kill your family,"
As I closed my eyes I felt Clyde stop but it was too late when I heard what he wanted to say. Darkness engulfed my mind causing me to lose consciousness.


[Clyde's P.O.V.]
I stopped sucking and licking Jacob's hardening nipple when I noticed he started crying while not looking at me.
Apparently, it was like there's a bucket of cold water mixed with ice was poured on me. I couldn’t understand why I only stared at the trembling Jacob for a few seconds.
Nervously, I straightened up and touched his cheek. I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes as I wiped my cheek as it gradually became wet due to the rushing tears.
"Shh. Jacob. Jacob. Babe, I'm sorry..." I said and gently kissed his forehead but he didn't seem to be on his own as his whole body was shaking with fear.
What a fool you are, Clyde! Why did you force yourself? Why did you want it even though you knew it was forbidden? See how you did? Suffer now! You deserve to be hurt now for what you did.
Jacob still doesn't stop crying and it looks like a panic attack. I do not know what to do. I’m seeing myself 13 years ago wiping Jacob’s tears in the elevator, but that was then. It's different now, it's not enough to wipe the tears from his cheeks.
I covered both of his hands and wrapped them with my hands. "Please calm down, my baby... I love you. Please, calm down, please. I don't know what to do," I said while kissing his hand.
I want to hug him but I'm scared... I'm scared I might be another reason for his panic attacks.
I couldn’t help but cry as I kissed his hands. I picked up my phone with one hand while not releasing Jacob's two hands.
"N-Noona... H-haesoo-yah. It's about Jacob! I don't know what to do," I told Haesoo as he answered my call.
["Oh! —What happened? Why are you crying? What happened to Jacob?! Oy! Little Lee! What did you do to my sister?!"] -HaeSoo Seo
I tightened the grip on Jacob's hand while still kissing it before I responded to the hysterical HaeSoo. "Cause N-Noona something came up...I don't know what I'm going to do to Jacob. He was shaking t-then he was stunned looking at the ceiling while he was crying—N-Noona!" I said and I couldn't help but cry out loud on the call.
["W-wait—what?—What happened? Where are you? After my class, I will go there. Dad is gone now because he just went to Taiwan last week. I, I'm still in class. So this is what you do first,"] said HaeSoo and obviously didn't like what was happening.
She told me before ending the call that I need to let Jacob feel relaxed. But what if I panic too?
"S-said HaeSoo, I need to make him grounded," I said to the air start massaging his palms even though it was still shaking.
"T-then she said I also need to assure Jacob that he is safe and nothing bad will happen to him," I said to myself and started patting his cheek. I was worried because he just stared at the ceiling while crying. He doesn't look at me.
I supported him in a hug and brought my face close to his ear. "Please Jacob. Stay calm. This is Clyde. No one will threaten you. I'm just this Jacob," I said as I patted him on the back and still continued to massage his palm—which was getting cold.
I was a little relieved when I began to hear Jacob's sobs. Because he wasn't sobbing before which is very worrying. It was as if his body was trapped with only tears as a way to get rid of the tension and fear that I caused earlier.
My tears began to flow again as I hugged Jacob and patted his back gently. I just kept calming him down when suddenly someone entered our room.
"Clyde. Why were you two locking yourself in here?—What happened? Why?" shocked, one of our soccer teammates said.
"You ask for help, please. I didn’t know I would do to him," I said tearfully while still continuing to calm the trembling Jacob.
He was trembling really badly. He was obviously very scared, which was the reason why I couldn’t understand what was happening. I'm not good at this thing, I can't work under pressure. This is the least I can do...
"Wait is he having a seizure? Is he awake? I will call Sir—"
"Hey! Jacob! Jacob! Shit! Wake Up. Don't turn a blind eye. Don't close your eyes."
I didn't know what to do in my confusion when Jacob's body suddenly stopped shaking and he completely lost consciousness. Our roommate was also confused, so we quickly went out and asked for help.


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