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Chapter 44 Leave Me Alone

It's been days since that incident. Nicolas never contacted me once. What hurts me the most is when

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    Reedvic Barredo Barrientos

    good novel story


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    This is a good and nice book. The plot twist is so WOW. So many unexpected circumstances and I like how the story ends. What a rollercoaster ride of emotion. You guys must read this story. Now, I browse into your work and start to read the "Love me, Love me not." Thank you for sharing your work here.


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    I’m not a fan of this work at first that’s why I’ve been putting off starting it so long but it gets a lot better as it goes, I can assure you that! And now, this book has become one of my favourite. I really enjoy reading and I highly recommend this. I have no complaints. “Youth” love sure do brings back a lot of memories 😆 and I really love the setting, it’s cute and wholesome, I have butterflies in my stomach the whole time. Still, I wish there’s more of this book...


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