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Chapter 62

"A lie is the truth told to the ear that seeks to hear what is not destined to.”― Bangambiki Habyari

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    Daryll Jay Miano Ballad

    so amazing and the best way in the morning and get back to me soon in the morning and get started with the best way to clean a bong with the best I can do is fine and get the best I could get started ☺️😺 the best 😺 the morning I can come to you if I can help you with that was a bong with you and get back 🔙 the morning and get back with you and get the best way to you and get back with you and get the morning I was wondering the best I was thinking about going back 🔙 the morning 🌅 you with t


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    Dennie Mangigo

    this is the Goodies story i read omo i cry so muchh❤️❤️❤️❤️


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    Henry Piang



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