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Bab 61 Cart Collision

"Hey, wake up, it's morning already." The woman threw her bound prisoner into a secret place.

Jirah struggled when she realized that she could not move her hands and feet. She could clearly see the face of a woman who she was hiding and avoiding seeing. She wondered why she woke up in an unfamiliar place when last night she was sleeping in her boyfriend's bed. She was totally blank at that time about how and where Aaliyah hid to kidnap her in a secured or guarded condominium.

What the actress didn’t know was that the whole incident in her move was carefully planned by her protagonist. Aaliyah didn't find Jirah's mother elsewhere, and it was only the information of the actress who was located in Terrence's room. Yes, it was hard to get into that room because of the security that played as a safeguard against intruder but the former actress was just lucky when she saw that the guy who was guarding it knew her. He was not just known, but he was really close to her because they were childhood friends.

Aaliyah overcame the barrier to enter the condominium she was targeting. In fact, the bodyguard even helped her lift Jirah while she was sleeping. The evil woman had men, but her youth volunteered to help her even though he knew what he was doing was not good. Terrence personnel hurriedly went to the CCTV monitor's room to plan to erase the footage at that time. Of course, he just wanted to clean up his bad deed.

As expected and proven, the employees monitoring the documentary recordings of the whole building were seen sleeping at exactly the time Terrence's bodyguard went in. Because he was good at using the computer, he took the recordings that his boss shouldn't see.

The kidnapping was successfully done. The plan to hand over to the defeated woman her worst opponent had already happened. As Jirah was staring sharply at the person she was talking to, it was even more thrilling to do what she wanted to hurt the woman. Even though the actress did not speak first, Aaliyah felt frightened.

"Any words, Ms. Jirah? I'm still waiting to hear the voice of your pleading again," Aaliyah teased. The heart of the famous writer was crushed because her enemy looked down on her by any means.

Instead of fighting, she thought of a way to escape from there. Her enemy had many guards, but she was alone. However, Jirah was very confident that her boyfriend was smart. So, she turned on the tracker device she had implanted in her watch. It was behind her, just so no one could see it.

When the device was on, an alarm sounded on Terrence's wristwatch. He was shocked at the sound because he had to look at what it was. His short nap was interrupted at that moment. And there, she was revived by the hope of finding the whereabouts of her beloved. He immediately acted to seek back-up from the authorities and go to the location pointed out on his tracker device.
Meanwhile, Aaliyah had prepared her renovated swimming pool with a depth of ten feet. It was totally deep, just exactly as she planned to drown the actress there. She was really bad because she had already thought of ending Jirah's life without enough force in her to fight with.

While she was busy helping her staff fill the pool with water, Terrence was on his way to their location. It may be a long distance traveled to that hidden place, a reason to hold the support of the actress, who at that time was already gasping with nervousness. Aaliyah was so stubborn that even though Jirah's face was miserable because she was super haggard, she still chose to torture her.

She even approached and said, "Are you ready to swim, Jirah?"

The actress spat at her then said, "The game is over, Aaliyah. Just kill me rather than slowly torture me."

"Shh, relax. Don't worry, little girl. I'll give you what you want. You'll see," Aaliyah said, once signaling to her followers to throw the actress into the water even though her legs were chained while her hands were untied.

The actress shouted out loud, "Aaaaah," caused by her fear of being thrown in the pool. She asked for help, hoping someone would take pity on her and rescue her from that deep pool. Even though she was weak, she had great faith in the Lord that something would be given to her man to save her life. However, she tried to move her shoulders and arms at the same time, trying to free herself from the binding of her legs.

The straps on her legs were so tight that it was difficult for her to move them. She asked for help around her, just in case anyone could hear her other than Aaliyah's staff, who had just laughed as they watched her. A few minutes later, she endured the numbness in her arms and hands, but still no help came to her.

He was left there by the slaves of the former actress, who was the one who threw her there. She kept shouting for help until she was exhausted. When she felt tired and numb from being very hungry, that was the time when she started crying. She poured out all her resentment the last time she endured the numbness of her hand, only to save herself from drowning. However, no matter how hard she tried to lift her body, she was still sinking due to her lack of strength.

Her hands spontaneously let go of the gripping, and her shoulders were slowly sinking, and when she couldn't stand it anymore, her head followed as well.

"My God, don't let me die like this," she called to her living God as she closed her eyes.

Ten seconds later, a group of men came to that place. A man shouted, "Jirah? Where are you?"

Terrence looked around everywhere, his eyes looking for a clue to where he could find his girlfriend. As he looked at the pool, he saw something black there that was the color and shape of a woman's hair. He immediately went there to see how far Jirah was.

When he finally checked that it was a woman he had seen submerged in the pool, he immediately ordered his fellow police officers to help him lift the woman's body. And he jumped into the water, saving the life of an innocent, whose identity he hadn't yet confirmed.

"Sir, help me lift this body. It looks like she has just drowned. We can still rescue her," he ordered the officers to come and help him.

There were policemen helping him lift the woman's body, while medics were waiting there beside the pool. They successfully brought up the woman, whom the man immediately recognized as Jirah. The posture, hair strands, and clothes worn by the actress were automatically identified by the former actor when he saw them. So he was very worried when he confirmed that his loved one was on the verge of death.

The police medics did not neglect the situation. They did everything possible to save the life of the actress. Fortunately, Jirah immediately spit out lots of water, which gave her boyfriend a reason to breathe easily. It was such a life-challenging experience for the couple that, despite what they went through, destiny really tested them to hold on to each other.

"Jirah," Terrence said happily, once caressing the woman's forehead.

The drowned woman regained consciousness. Seeing that the man's face was facing her, she immediately stood up and hugged her boyfriend. They miss each other so much. The thought that their marriage would be delayed was replaced by the hope that they would return to each other's company.

The problem of finding Jirah was solved using the tracker device they installed in their personal things for emergencies. But, their biggest question was where Aaliyah was already hiding at that time. After Jirah experienced tragedy with the actress, she would not allow her life to be freely despised. So, she wasted no time.

They had already enlisted the help of the authorities to find the former famous actress. It was said that the more there were, the better the force.Admittedly, it was better for many to seek than to be on their own, even though they knew the probability was low that they would not see their enemy. In addition, a large force was needed to fight the enemy's personnel even though they knew that they would not just lose.
Aaliyah filed a case against Aaliyah for attempted murder, kidnapping, and robbery because most of her belongings were stolen by the former actress' group. No matter how serious the case she filed, her enemy was still able to live freely because Aaliyah was elusive and good at hiding.

Until one day, Jirah and Terrence were shopping with their police bodyguards when they collided with a cart owned by a woman wearing a cloth around her face. The motion of that stranger was doubtful. The couple immediately noticed the sign because the woman could hardly look at them. And, no matter how severe the impact of their collision with that cart was, she never heard a word of resentment or complaint. So, there they were wondering if that might be the person they had been looking for so long.

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