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Bab 60 Jirah Was Missing

"You'd better die, Jirah, than be put in jail. Somehow, you will pay all your debts to me," Aaliyah said to herself, while smiling and bearing a fierce face.

Aaliyah first missed Jirah's arrears to her because she had a serious plan to do something that would shock the couple, Terrence and Jirah. At first, she just wanted to torture the people who ruined her career because she committed a sin against the two lovers, but the course of her plan changed after Jirah hurt her. Even though she had a big backlog with the woman, she still had the evil intentions of the two famous personalities.

The former actress did not stay until the other day at the hospital where she was admitted because she fled there at night. Her enemy was about to visit her to check on her when they found out that her bed was empty. The couple went to the nurse station to ask questions but were immediately greeted by one of the assigned employees in Aaliyah's ward, who was a nurse, with the words, "She's gone."

"You know it already, nurse? But why did you send us straight to her room?" Terrence asked at the speaking nurse.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I'm not the nurse you talked to earlier, it's a different attendant. In fact, I was busy just looking for patient 37, who was Ms. Aaliyah," the nurse replied.

Terrence and Jirah had nothing to do on that occasion but leave the hospital and go home. They did not look for the former actress because they had not received any information on her whereabouts. So, the only intention of the two was to prepare themselves in case Aaliyah came back to them to take revenge.

All night long, they had contact with each other as an update on each other’s safety. Jirah could not sleep with her mother because they could hear scratches on their front door. They didn't know if it was an animal or if Aaliyah's men were planning to scare them. Thus, the connection between the lover and the actress was unconnected in fear that someone would please the actress badly.

The next day, Terrence went to Jirah's house early in the morning to see if his girlfriend was in a good situation. Fortunately, the mother and the daughter were still lucky because nothing bad happened to them. That was all. They couldn't sleep all night because they were on guard lest Aaliyah's messengers enter them.
Although they were scared and awake, Jirah still arranged her personal stuff to attend scheduled meetings. Her mother prepared breakfast for her and food for lunch.
Jirah was still eating breakfast when her boyfriend caught up with her at her house. His face was worried that he was almost running to walk closer to the woman.

"How's your night, love? Did anyone enter your house?" he asked. The man checked around the house, but he saw no trace of anyone else entering. His girlfriend approached him and held his hand.

"Terrence, we're so okay. I am about to go to work, but you're still worried about that. Will you take me for a ride, or will I just commute?"

"Are you still going to work?" The man asked, simultaneously taking the woman's bag and opening the door of the nearest room while staring into his girlfriend's eyes. "You're not going to work. Pack your things out, including your mother's clothes and personal items, right now. We'll take your mother first to her sister in the neighboring town, and then take you to my condominium afterwards. You're no longer safe here," he said, speaking in a serious tone.

"Seriously? How's my meeting later, my taping and guesting on a show?"

"It's simple. In the meantime, I'll call your manager to cancel that scheduled meeting or guesting of yours. I'll talk to your manager about that. For now, let's think first about the safety of you and your mother. So, it's time to say goodbye to your house for the time being."

Jirah almost burst into tears when she stared at the structure of her hard-earned house that she would leave for good. Even if it was against her will that she was far from her perfect home, she still chose to follow her boyfriend's will because it was for the good of her and her mother also.

She helped her mother pack their things as well as their pet dog. They left that house early and traveled to Watervliet. It only took them a few hours to get to the city where Jirah's mother's sister lived. When they got there, they immediately went down and pressed the doorbell in front of the house that they intended. When they peacefully delivered Jirah's mother, they said goodbye and returned to Albany, the capital of New York.

As they traveled, Jirah was stunned as she stared at her phone. Terrence noticed her, so he asked for it.

"What's the matter, love? Do you miss your mom right away?" the man asked.

The woman turned around, blinked her eyelashes, and smiled at the same time, answering, "As usual, love. My mother raised me well. Everywhere I go, she is always there. So, I'm used to being with her all the time."

"Don't worry, love. Our problem with Aaliyah will also end, but not for a long time. For now, we just have to endure and sacrifice valuable people for us first, okay?" And Jirah nodded, with sadness still on her face.

When they arrived in New York, Terrence just took his girlfriend to his condominium and left immediately because his father called him for an important matter related to their business. Jirah, on the other hand, was comfortable in her temporary accommodation because there was a guard standing outside the door. Though secured, she still locked the door properly, making sure no one could enter.

When she entered the room, she went straight to the bedroom to rest. She slept so soundly that she could not hear any noise in that room. She was awake the whole night the previous day, so she slept soundly at that time. However, despite her beautiful dream, she was no longer conscious of lifting her to another place. Aaliyah's men kidnapped her so easily.

When Terrence returned home from the meeting he attended, he found his condominium empty. He was still excited about sharing the food he had bought from an expensive restaurant with his girlfriend. But then, nervousness enveloped his emotions, carrying the recollection of where Jirah had gone.

He picked up his phone and called its number, but he could not contact the woman. He thought of Jirah's possible destination at those times. He did not include the idea that Aaliyah's men might have kidnapped her because the guard he had assigned to watch over her was still present outside. So, to calm himself, he asked the bodyguard who was already drowsy standing outside his door.

"Brother, did Jirah leave my condominium?" The spirit of the male guard awoke with a look of astonishment on his face.

"What? Not yet, sir. I'm keeping a good eye on her, so I'm sure she's just inside," he replied.

"Are you serious? I've searched every corner of my condo, but I haven't found her. It's weird if she's hiding from me like this." He looked around, searching for answers to the questions in his mind.

He just scratched his head, indicating that he was confused in that situation. The bodyguard checked the inside of the condominium again and found that Jirah was missing there. Terrence thought of a way to see the events of the past two hours. He headed with the guard to the CCTV control room, which was basically on the 5th floor of the building.

They went there quickly, as if it were just a plane, because they were also nervous about what was happening to the actress. When they arrived at the room, they found an attendant asleep and his companion busy playing games on the phone. Terrence spoke to the watchful monitor of the CCTV cameras and looked at the footage two hours ago.

"Sir, please write down your room number first, and all the details required there. Just wait for fifteen minutes, because we will call our head here for authorization," the male attendant said.

"Brother, this is urgent. I don't think I can break your rules when I beg that I have to hurry to see the video recordings of your monitors. I plead with you, I can't wait a few more minutes," Terrence said, with a mixture of pleading in his face.

"I'm sorry, sir. We're just following the management's rules. If you don't want to wait, the door is open for you to leave. You disturbed my game here with that style of yours."

"Son of a bit—" Terrence couldn't control himself anymore because of the attitude of the person he was talking to with his simple plea. He wanted to shout at that man with hurtful words, but his bodyguard stopped him.

His plan to look at the CCTV footage did not go through. Instead, he just left the room to avoid trouble.

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