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Bab 59 Her Courageous Action

A year and two months later, Johnson’s company’s revenue grew further nationally and internationally as well. The actor also did not renew his contract with the JCI network because he had already devoted himself entirely to over twenty companies owned by his family. His parents were old, so they could no longer enter the office every day. So, he took over as the new CEO of the company and the legal heir as well.
It was a slight achievement with all of Terrence's hard work, at the same time helping to build Jirah's new house. The couple had a very peaceful relationship. There was no quarrel, no separation; they were just in love with each other.
Despite their happiness, they forget that someone was just watching behind them. Someone came back into their lives to distract them again and to get revenge on them for what they did. So, while the couple helped instruct their workers on the construction of Jirah’s house, something suddenly happened to them.
At first, only small stones were thrown at them. The actress was even hit in her nape and neck while Terrence sustained no scars. They just ignored them because they thought the young people had just accidentally thrown them on the road while playing. However, when they were followed by a few large stones and a cloth covered with fire, they were all alarmed.
"Who are they who have no respect for us? They see many people working here. It seems like the stones are thrown intentionally," Jirah said in her loud voice, clearly observing if someone revealed herself as the thrower. 
But, no one answered from behind them even though they saw that there were people there. The fire that was thrown at them subsided due to the help of active workers, who immediately rescued them from possible catastrophe. Jirah couldn't stand that beating. She doubted one of the people standing behind them had done it. So, she went there while her boyfriend followed her.
There were children playing, old people sitting, and young men and women talking as if they didn't care what was happening. It was bad to make accusations, but the actress wouldn't have been able to calm down if she hadn't asked them questions. She approached those present and shouted at them all out of anger because of the slander done to her and her companions.
"Hey, people there. Who has no respect for us there? Speak now before I take you here one by one and find out who's the sinner."
The people who listened to her scolding were silent. They didn't seem interested in answering her inquiry. So, she kept an eye on everyone present. Her boyfriend stopped her for fear that the woman might be mistaken in her judgment, but Jirah did not hold back from her investigation.
She thought that her approach might have been harsh, so she didn't seem to want to talk about it. So, she changed her style of speaking. At that point, she was more gentle with people so that she could find an answer from them. 
"We don't know what you're saying, beautiful woman," said an innocent-looking young man.
Jirah noticed something strange in the ladies' sight. The two women in front of the crowd were completely engrossed in their cell phones.They were not alarmed by her rebuke, which seemed to be just deafening. When Jirah and her lover attempted to approach them, the two suddenly ran quickly to the abandoned house.
They followed them. Though nervous, the two of them still rushed inside the house and checked on who had run away from the suspicious girls. Although they brought no protection, despite being suddenly hit in the back by a piece of chopped wood without their knowledge of the perpetrators, they still managed to fight them out and tie them to the house pole.
They thought that they really had nothing else to see there because the place was quiet and shattered when a beautiful woman appeared who was familiar with their sight.
"Aaliyah?" They spoke together as their gaze focused on the woman in front of them.
Aaliyah's face was like a demon's. Her motif colors were red and black, with a hairband that was really like a devil's horn. She dressed in fantasy attire, all in black, as if she looked bad. She held a billiard stick firmly as she slowly walked towards the lovers. It was true that they had no sufficient force to fight against their opponent, who brought personnel, but Terrence and Jirah were probably smart.
They laughed before the opponent could speak in front of them. They just tried to laugh to show that they were brave, despite the fact that Aaliyah didn't know how to read one's mind very well. Without a word, they just laughed and laughed until the blackened woman got annoyed and shouted, "Aaaaaah, stop!"
That was the time when Jirah and Terrence stopped teasing the bad woman. Aaliyah was about to strike her holding stick at Jirah when Terrence caught her.
"Let go of that billiard stick of mine, Terrence," the female demon looked-like exclaimed. 
"Remain stunned, you witch. Why did you come back to our lives? We're peaceful now, but you suddenly messed up our lives again. My God, you haven't really changed," Terrence said.
Aaliyah did not respond to the man's remarks. Instead, she focused more on how to hit the actress who she tried to hurt, but she couldn't do it with the object she was holding. She was disappointed in her plan to torture the woman. She couldn't stand it, and so she revealed her hidden secret.
"What kind of person are you, Jirah? Why does it seem like no matter how many times I want to kill you, you survive? Are you an alien, huh?"
Jirah thought of the words her enemy had uttered. How many times did she want to kill Jirah? The incidents she went through in her life came to her mind. She didn't think that even though Aaliyah was imprisoned then, she still made a way to get revenge on her. However, it was still a question mark for her as to which of her unfortunate experiences had to do with the former actress.
"What did you say? Don't say you're the one behind the burning of our house," the actress predicted, according to her analysis of the words left by her enemy.
"Exactly. You got it too," the former actress replied to her.
"You really are a demon!" Jirah shouted while slapping the woman's right cheek in front of her. She wanted to give another slap on the other side of Aaliyah's cheek, but one of Aaliyah's staff stopped her. 
"It hurts ah," Aaliyah complained as she touched her blushing cheek. "But the tragedies I caused you were more painful. My servants were commanded to give threats to your father. That's why he died of a heart attack. I stoned your house several times, robbed you, and the worst was, I burned your house," the demon-like woman added, as Jirah was in tears hearing those truths that had been spoken. 
Jirah couldn't barely move from her position due to the anxiety that attacked her. Her boyfriend hugged her to calm her down. She was trembling with anger. Her mind darkened, and she had a bad look at the enemy's stick. In her rage, she managed to move her boyfriend's hands away and snatched Aaliyah's billiard stick.
She broke it. Her eyes glazed over with anger as Aaliyah signaled to her people not to interfere with their scene. Aaliyah thought that the actress could not hurt her, but she was completely wrong. Others make people angry and hurt. The good one was even more demonic if it couldn't be stopped.
Then Jirah broke the stick and slapped it a few times on the former actress, causing Aaliyah to fall down and weaken. Terrence just watched behind her, letting them quarrel. Aaliyah still fought back against the woman, but Jirah was still on top of her.
"What courage you have to show me, even though you're a murderer! I thought it was an accident in our house. I thought my father was really attacked by his illness, as that is usually what happens to him. I reasoned that you wouldn't retaliate harshly against me, but you demon.Did Satan even raise you to confess all this to me? Then I'll just kill you so that you can be with your God in hell! Aaaaah," Jirah said angrily, as she continued to hurt Aaliyah.
Aaliyah suddenly lost consciousness. Because Terrence was afraid that Jirah might have killed the daughter of the famous veteran actor, he took his girlfriend there and ordered Aaliyah's staff to lift their boss. The unconscious Aaliyah was taken by her servants to the hospital for treatment.
"What have I done to her, love? Am I a bad person?" Jirah said, perplexed to herself, in a vibrated voice.
"Love, relax. You're not a bad person. You just did that because you were angry, okay?" Terrence said, trying his best to relieve the nervous breakdown of his girlfriend. 
"Seriously? What if—"

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    It's so good, i love it


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