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Bab 58 Terrence's Rescue To His Family Business

He spent an hour working out, just to relieve his jealousy. Terrence also had the habit of harbouring self-anger by just venting it whenever he was having fun. His force of punching the gloves of his opponent was unusual, but his coach just let him do it. Until then, the session had stopped when the actor released all the reasons for him to get really tired.

The sun was setting when he decided to go to his family's company. It was actually time to go home for the employees there, but when he deliberately passed right in front of the building, he noticed that the main entrance was still open. He wondered at such a time that it must have been close. So, he went down to check and ask the guard there as well.

"Late afternoon, sir," the guard greeted him.

"Likewise, why is this building still open, brother?" he asked, once peeking at the people inside. The employees were still there, even an hour after their dismissal.

"Oh, all of us are being forced to work overtime by the management. We are sorting out the paperwork, finalizing orders, and checking the erroneous data. The number has been a problem for the company, so we volunteered to help save the company for your family. Please, sir, we don't want to lose our jobs."

Terrence felt sorry for the family of the guard. Not just to that guard, but to others who were making sacrifices to help the sinking company. It was there that he realized that his father needed him. They did their best to dedicate their staff while he was still a blood relative and the sole heir of more than twenty companies, including those in other countries.

He went inside and went straight to the CEO's office. There he saw that, despite being in a wheelchair, his father was still at work, managing his staff and carrying the dextrose that had become stuck in the steel container.

"Dad?" he called to the man in the wheelchair.

His father turned around, simultaneously releasing the pen he was holding. He approached him and hugged him tightly. He could not help but weep over the weight of his feelings as a result of his witnessing the efforts by all the employees and management of the company to rise from their failures. So, he hugged his father even tighter.

Moments after the hug, the actor immediately told his dad that he was interested in helping the company before the CEO could speak.

"Dad, I promise, I will do everything I can to fix our business's burden. I will help you," he said, once walking towards his father's desk and taking a pen.

He analyzed the data on the CEO’s computer, and because he was smart, he understood all of that. He wanted to do more, but his stomach churned. He was already feeling hungry, and Mr. Helson just observed his doings. Until then, the actor thought about how he could bring employees to good governance. Terrence ordered food packs for dinner for everyone involved in fixing and cleaning up the mess the company left behind.

That was the thing that made everyone’s heart rejoice. The board was pleased with the kindness shown by the actor because, despite the fact that he did not care about his father's work, he would also come to help the company when it was in an emergency state. At the same time, they shared the food prepared by the actor with joy with everyone who received it.

After a thirty-minute break, they returned to work. Terrence just gave everyone another time limit for the task to continue and said they would resume the rest the next day, which everyone liked.

The actor toured each employee, reviewed what they were doing, and also helped to facilitate them. He did not have difficulty managing one by one, but he was still challenged to study and learn little by little until he could master everything in a short period of time. He also promised them that he would help with finances and investments so that the burden of the company would not be too heavy.

As he patrolled, he saw an analysis of data on one of their staff that did not match the graph he saw on his father's computer. He acted on that right away, and fortunately, he fixed it without a hitch.

After one hour of working, he pressed the buzzer to announce, "Good evening, employees. It's time to go home and continue your work tomorrow. Stay safe and good night."

Everyone was happy to hear that. They regained hope, confidence, and reassurance that they would not lose the work they had worked so hard for. In the little time they had, they fixed a lot and finished it under the leadership of the CEO's son. So, they went home, not disappointed.

The next day, Terrence received a "good morning" text message from his girlfriend. That was an apology for not contacting him for a few hours, which caused his heart to soften with the thrill he felt. The woman also asked for his bank account number for the additional investment in the company. Jirah had heard that the Helsons needed help with their company, so she came to the rescue.
Terrence didn't give his girlfriend the information the woman asked for, but simply said, "Just put that aside when you build your house with your mother. I know that's your dream."

Jirah no longer moaned at her boyfriend's order, but she still helped in other ways. She called her connections so that they would volunteer to help Terrence. And so, just that morning, Terrence was not even ready to enter the office, he was receiving bags of grace.

Not only from Jirah's acquaintances, but due to his influence in entertainment, social media, and in various agencies in the country, he had no difficulty in talking to investors for their company. Instead, many people willingly helped him and even taught him solutions to his problems.

He used his personal money to invest, in addition to making sure the business that his family worked so hard for would definitely rise again.
The boards applauded him for the solutions he brought to the company. It wasn't just a day of working, but he immediately gathered investors, not just one, but more than they expected. Customers themselves call their hotline for bookings, a reason for them to rejoice.

However, his burden on his family's business did not end there. The company still had debts worth more than $5 billion from the richest company they had partnered with. It wasn't the CEO who had the plan then, but one of their shareholders who also stole the coffers of Johnson's-T Group of Companies. That was why it was so easy to go bankrupt because they didn't have enough income. Actually, their financial status was declining.

That traitorous shareholder took away almost half of the company's revenue. So, the company was still trying to make up for the lost money so they could again reach their target financial status.

Another solution Terrence suggested was to use his own popularity to find a sponsor for him. He accepted a variety of modeling products, brand offers, and the most expensive fees as a model. In addition to the help of his other sponsors, he donated all his income to the company.

Even though it took two more months before his income was finally recovered and his family's business was revived, it still helped him a lot. Success was continuously flowing. So, when he overcame his challenge there, his father was very proud of him and even praised him for his good deeds.

"Congratulations, my son. You finally made it," said Mr. Helson, once shaking hands with his son.

The joy of the company's success was clear on the CEO's face when, because of the man who bravely faced the challenge, the family business could only be rebuilt. On that day, the company recognized Terrence as an official part of it, and his father even offered him the position of CEO, as a replacement for him. The actor just smiled, as if to indicate that there was hope that he would accept. That was all. He still needed to fix his recent career.

"We will see if my powers can handle it. Right now, I don't know if I really deserve to hold Daddy's position," he replied to his father's offer with a smile on his face.

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