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Cold Memories

Chapter 76: Cold Memories
I tried to do not to fight more unless it was needed. I need to conserve my

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    Albert Rushzel Natividad

    As far as Ash knows, Dorothy has disappeared. The stowaway from 1913, the girl who Ash maybe - possibly - could've loved: She's gone. But what Ash doesn't know is that the girl he fell in love with has become Quinn Fox - the very same person who is fated to kill him.by Marvel Comics. In his old lore, Twisted Fate's powers came from an experiment conducted by Dr. Xavier Rath, a likely reference to the X-Men's Professor XavierWhen she got a rework, Riot decided to change her lore as well. This mea


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    El idrissiKaram



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    Rhian Mae Pentero

    thank you


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