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Chapter 29

Note: Fight scenes ahead. If in any way you are uncomfortable, you can skip this.
Serena's POV

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Dukunglah penulis untuk menghadirkan kisah-kisah yang luar biasa untuk Anda

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Komentar Buku (1929)

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    Ashley Shane Mercado

    good and beautiful story


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    Jethkylla Pascua

    they are in the dish and I will be in the dish with someone else to you and I will be in the dish with someone else to you and your family a very happy to help you with someone else to do it in the future of my life and I am not sure if I can get a kiss on you t need ko tlga nu messenger is available y u gys dnt worry about our company profile for the same ta and DA I i do not 🚫 you more expensive o kambing you are too short on


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    Sophia Cabbab

    Wow, that story was truly captivating! I couldn't stop reading until the very end. The way you described the characters and the setting was so vivid, it felt like I was right there with them. The plot twists were unexpected and kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank you for sharing this incredible story!


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