The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife

The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife

Chrysnah MayCompleted

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  • Arranged marriage
  • Cheating
  • Lost memory
  • Love triangle

What can this woman sacrifice for love and family? She was Naneth Reyes, with a nightmare past. Her aunt Lora raised her. She grew up to be an intelligent, brave, and beautiful woman. But abused by her uncle Deme when she was a child and she was forcedly married to Robin, an illegitimate son of Tan’s family. She was the legit daughter of the owner of the company she works with and falls in love with the guy which turns out to be her enemy. Her stranger friend Kyla, help her when she was down and teach her to be strong. Until Naneth meets Gio Reyes, an arrogant son of the owner of a private company. Gio meets Naneth on an occasion and she didn’t know that Gio has the connection in their company. Gio had a best friend since high school and college, he was Dominic a kind and generous man. Not knowingly that the four of them become a team for a mission which that mission leads them to become an enemy. Naneth continued her goals to solve the puzzle of what she discovered. She wanted to find out who was the main reason for everything that happened in their lives. Will Gio fall for Naneth? What was Naneth's secret? What are the secrets behind each character?

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    Apple Tandayag Arreglado

    very nice story 😁


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    Nhe Flor Briol

    I love you too baby girl I love you too baby girl I love you too baby girl I love you too baby girl I love you too baby girl I love you too baby girl I love you too baby may have a good night love youuu to be fun to see tour face and I will be there in a few min late for me first thing in condition is the quickest way to lose my mind and I will be home tomorrow morning and I can you show an email from Philippines i always love youuu you too baby may have a great weekend and happy Birthday sa ana


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    Thank you readers for reading and give support to my story. God bless.


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    The writing is captivating highly recommended 💯✅🥀


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    Merry Cris Caliao

    Iove this kind of romance novels because it teach us more and gain knowledge on how to interact with someone or something that may we encountered in our journey.we Don't know yet what could be A good reaction or feelings on how to de with it


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    Mnica X Wanderley Marrostego



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    Nelle Flores



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